360° Filmworks

Process Makes Perfect.

When you decide to work with us, we’ll guide you through the entire process of bringing a big idea full circle. We are flexible, so you can enter our circle at any phase of production. We can produce something from concept to creation, or you can bring us a more developed idea and we’ll make it move. Most of all, we’ll have fun and collaborate to create something awesome.



This is where we listen and learn. Our clients know their products and services better than anyone. We want to learn from them, and then do a bit of our own homework. We’ll talk audience, tone, budget, challenges and goals.


After we understand your goals, and the assignment, we will begin to develop concepts. Written or moving treatments will be created to define story and stylistic approach. These visual treatments will help us all get a better understanding of how the final product will look and feel. We’ll take a look at our options together and get excited about narrowing it down to the coolest one of the bunch.


This is where all of our pre-production efforts pay off. It’s time to execute a well thought out creative plan. If you like to have fun, you’ll want to join us on set.

Whether the project calls for a one man band or a large scale production crew, we have the equipment and personnel best suited for the job.

At times, the production phase calls for no cameras at all. We love producing animated pieces and stories that rely heavily on motion graphics. Our talented group of creatives and producers will check in with you regularly to make sure everything goes according to plan.

We believe in keeping our toolbox up to date with the most current technology. Here's a list of some of our favorite tools in the box.

  • RED Digital Cinema Camera
  • Canon 1Dx
  • Grip and Electric Van Package
  • DJI Phantom/Inspire Drones with certified pilot



This is where we get to make our big idea even better. We’ll always refer to our original road map, but once we have moving pictures in front of us some really exciting things can happen. This is where the story really comes together.


Music = mood. Stick the same edit to two different pieces of music and you can feel completely different about what you are watching. At times we will have a genre, or maybe even a specific song, picked out during our pre-production phase. Other times, we will hone the music as we edit. We have access to many music libraries, and can also have something custom composed if necessary.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Want more pizzazz? This is where you add it. Integrating motion graphics and animation into a product can help evoke a certain style or attitude. Animation can be used to inform or entertain, and we are well versed in a variety of both 2D and 3D techniques.

Color Correction and Sound Design

Color correction and sound design are the finishing touches we don’t ignore. Once we have the edit, music and motion graphics in place we’ll invite you to come watch your film with us. If you come here, we’ll eat cookies. If you’d rather us send you a link, we can do that too. Once you tell us you like what you see, we will make sure the final audio mix and color correction pass is done. This will make the audio and pictures we’ve recorded sound and look their best.


When we finish a product, we will provide you with a digital copy for your files. We will also format it to fit the screens of your choice. From mobile devices to the big screen we have the technology to provide the formats that are best for you.


  • 4 Edit Suites complete with the Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D and Davinci Resolve
  • 1 Mobile Edit Suite
  • Access to Complete Music Library
  • Full Distribution Capabilities